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 anbi, the very best birdwatching in the south photography hides

A new birdwatching concept…

ANBI has adapted the photography hide concept to the specific conditions in the intertidal ecosystem of the Trebujena and Sanlúcar salt pans, in the "Entorno de Doñana".

In just one day…

ANBI’s photography hides let you enjoy a myriad migrating and native waterfowl.

Endless possibilities…

We make every effort for you to see a thousand different birdlife scenes in their natural surroundings while using the best photographic technology.


*Discount not applicable to workshops.

Visit our new Hides located just across the Guadalquivir River, opposit Doñana National Park, in Trebujena and Sanlúcar, in the "Entorno de Doñana", the best area for waterfowl in the south of Europe. We are pioneers in Andalucía, and save with our special launch offer.

Nature at its purest

At ANBI we get you up close to waterfowl

through our photography hides.

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